OCBC Cycle Singapore


After a week from Tokyo Marathon, I come back to Singapore and challenged OCBC Cycle 2012. I participated in the cycle race for the first time.

Usually I do a bicycle training at 25km/h speed. So as the learning from Tokyo marathon, I decided to keep the pace of 25km/h to complete the whole distance without problem.

At 5:30am, we started…Oh!? Oh?! Every riders were so faaast! I couldn’t help speed up at 30+km/h. Then long down hill at Benjamin Sheares bridge enterd into my eyes. Ohhhho!! This down hill accelerated my bike’s speed to 50km/h!  Scaryyy, lah.

I couldn’t keep the low pace and geared up at 30+km/h because we were cycling on the ECP, yes Highway! Fantastic experience!


But, 10km only… Slow down to 27km/h after 10km. Reaching the loop turning point, so far 20km. Going back and entering to East Coast Parkway, Oh this is usual training course. Okay, let’s keep the original set speed – 26km/h.

East Coast Parkway route ended. so far 33km. Then I had to do 2nd loop and entered into ECP again. There were many cyclists whose speed were so fast. They are 39km challenge guys who started one hour later than us.

These groups made us speed up. Again 29-30km/h. Oh, I can do that!? Anyway, highway is fantastic.

By the way, no time to drink water and take energy power. I went to the PIT to do so and toilet. Okay another 10km to go.

Keeping at 30km/h speed. It became fun for me to complete this challenge except my aching hips. 

BUT, I forgot Benjamin Sheares bridge. Yes, it was down hill but become up hill when we go back!  It was so tough, almost getting off my bike. But somehow could manage.

Finally 2 hours 20min+ journey was over. (27km/h average)

Uhhm. my bicycle computer read 63km but not 59km?? Any It’s over.


Althouh it is one week after the full marathon, I don’t feel any muscle pain except back and hips. The muscles which we use for running and cycling are different, maybe.

Rib No;50264

So, what shall we do next?