Port Dickson International Triathlon, MetaSprint Triathlon


Port Dickson International Triathlon, Malaysia

Malaysia is the fourth country where I participated in the running/triathlon race followed by Japan, Singapore and Hawaii.

Our five members arrived at Port Dickson after five hours driving from Singapore yesterday. One of the members was born here.

Port Dickson was also known as Tanjung. In the Malay language, that means “cape”.

 It was very tough cycling course which has a lot of up and down hill. However I could enjoy the scenery of the rubber plantation field during riding on the down hill.  Running course was also tough because we ran on the sea shore.

Anyway, I could enjoy and completed in 3 hours and 32 minutes (Olympic Distance
Swim 1.5km – Cycle 40km – Run 10km)

Official Time 3:35:47 (S45:57 C1:44:08 R1:05:41) Rib No; 4032


MetaSprint Triathlon, Singapore

Today’s triathlon is the “Sprint” category which is 750m/Swim, 20km/Bike, 5km/Run. Humm, easy one lah.

I thought that it is “easy”. However, Sprint game is the speed competing category.

Everyone swim, bike and run very fast. After biking at 30km/h speed, I couldn’t run properly. very tough!!

Time is 1:45:43 Rib;189