Singapore International Triathlon


The Singapore International Triathlon (SIT) event is the flagship event for Triathlon Singapore since 2002. Previously known as the “OSIM SIT” (2002 to 2011), and “Cold Storage SIT” (2012 to 2013). Please let me share my experience in this event.

Cold Storage Triathlon 2012

From this year Singapore Triathlon sponsor has been changed form OSIM to Cold Storage. It means from massage chair company to supermarket. Anyway this change doesn’t mean anything to me, finisher T-shirts is not cool, though.

I was so nervous last year since it was first time for me. However, this is my 4th triathlon already. I could be relax and enjoy this time.

The order of the starting waves were changed from senior guys’ priority to young one. So I had to queue in the last wave…(cry).  Anyway let energetic young guys go first.

Swimming was fun. I started at the last row. Nobody disturbed me. Since I do a breast stroke, I can see the situation what is happening.

Ended up for 44 minutes for 1.5km . Not bad.

The transition is enjoyable moment. I changed my swim shits to cycle/running shirts, took helmet/cycle gloves and wore socks/shoes. And took a water/energy gels. It took me 6 minutes for this transition.

Okay, now Cycling.

It was 4 laps for 40km last year, but today it was 6 laps. It was very congested with cyclist in the narrow road. Never mind, let’s keep 30km/hour pace. I should be careful at the turning corner, since I crashed the wall last year.

Ended up for 1 hour and 31 minutes (it means 27km/hour…).

Taking out the helmet/gloves, having a running cap on and taking a water/energy gel, I started running.

This is toughest category since temperature was already high at noon timing. So far it took me 2 hours and 25minutes. I should complete my 10km running within one our and five minutes. If so, I can complete triathlon within 3 hours and half. It would be better than last triathlon.  Luckily it was not hot because of haze.

Uhmm, couldn’t speed up, lah. Already somehow exhausted. It took me one hour and 13 minutes. Ended up for three hours and thirty eight minutes…

Anyway OK lah, it was fun. I enjoyed a lot. Thank you.

Official time;3:37:21(S44:59 C1:39:27 R1:12:57) Rib No 9105


OSIM Triathlon 2011

I started to run around 14 years ago when I was forty years old. After some years passed, I started to dream that someday I would try Triathlon.

Today my dream comes true – almost 10 years passed after stating to dream.

We arrived at East Coast at 5:00am. We have enough time for the preparation. OSIM Singapore International Triathlon celebrates 10 anniversary. Total 3,500 triathletes participated -1,500 in the standard (Olympic distance S1.5km,B 40,R10) category.

First race category is 1.5km swim.

220 women started at 8:00am. 15 minutes later,107 fifties’ men took the second wave , which my two colleagues and I participated. It was the first time for me to do the open water swimming competition. It was so congested. Like many fish, somebody swam over me. Since I do the breast stroke, I kicked so many people – SORRY!. Due to the very windy weather , it was very choppy. We were struggling against the heavy current.

I found my colleague, Paul during this swim race, so I started to do the drafting behind him. THANKS!.

Anyway it took 54 minutes to complete , which is more than 10 minutes slower than the normal time.

Next is 40km Bike. 

This is also the first time for me.  I thought to ride the bike at 25km/h speed. But I am so excited, I couldn’t help speeding up at 30km/h.

I had still enough stamina so that I could enjoy this bike session. We had to do 4 laps. When I completed the first lap, the U shape curve which gathers a lot of audience jumped into my eyes. So I couldn’t help showing my high speed cornering technique. I got into the corner and made the speed up and went throu—-h, but but, too fas—-t. I crushed into the corner wall. I didn’t understand what happened. After becoming cool, I checked my bike. It was ok , otherwise I had to retire.

I recovered from the situation and started to continue to ride the bike by my bloody leg. How childish I was? I laughed at myself. It was fun anyway. I could complete this for around one and half hours.

The third menu was 10km run.

It was around 11 o’clock. very hot— hot,hotter,hottest. Yes HOTTEST! I was already tired but still a little bit energy to continue. completed for around one hour +.

Finally I touched the goal after three and half hours!!

Really enjoyed!

Dream comes true .

Official Time 3:38:57 (S54;02 C1:40:52 R1:08:22) Rib No 4048